Veteran actress and BJP MP Roopa Ganguly has taken to social media to demand a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the untimely demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. While she spoke about how positive Sushant was as a person, she suspected foul play in the ongoing investigation.

Ganguly expressed her demand in a series of tweets posted throughout Thursday. The actress-politician tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in each of her tweet.

Her tweets come a day after the late actor’s postmortem report was handed over to the police which cited his death as a “clear case of suicide with no other foul play”.

Her series of tweets ran:

“We will be answerable to our future generations if we the parents, the colleagues, the friends and the family and the citizen of India fail to uphold justice now. I think an independent cbi investigation is necessary. #cbiforsushant.”

What I cannot understand is why such a brilliant inquisitive mind would choose such an alternative without any prov…

— Roopa Ganguly (@RoopaSpeaks) 1593099300000

“We can not shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India. We owe it as common citizen, to our fallen beloved because his positivity meant a lot.


“Shall we just let this pass? Unanswered? The guilty not tried? Will we also not then be responsible for such a debacle of brilliance? #cbiforsushant.”

I am quite shocked at what I have just heard and then seen myselfIs anyone operating Sushant’s phone?How is his I…

— Roopa Ganguly (@RoopaSpeaks) 1593105396000

“We need clarity in understanding this in the true light of events so that we can not only do justice to such a brilliant and positive soul but to ensure that we try and eradicate the possibility of such events ever occurring in the future. #cbiforsushant.”

“Was the investigation done in a hurry ,trying to justify a pre decided narrative? If not so then why did the forensic team reached on 15th June ? #cbiforsushant.”

If this is true then I must admit that it is quite unsettling as this implies evidence tampering. How long do we wa…

— Roopa Ganguly (@RoopaSpeaks) 1593105716000

“The reason of death does not prove that the death was by hanging of one’s self. Am I wrong in assuming that it could be otherwise? Please voice your opinion. #cbiforsushant.”

“Jo shaksh hastey hastey “Hum Dartey Nahin” bol sakta hain, woh zindegi se kaise haar maan sakta hain? (The person who can say ‘I’m not scared’ with a smile, how can he lose the battle with life?) #cbiforsushant.”

“Inconclusive reason of death is what the autopsy report points towards, an inconclusive reason of death. Then why does it seem that there is an attempt to influence general opinion towards a pre-determined result? #cbiforsushant,” Roopa Ganguly shared in a series of separate tweets all carrying the hashtag #cbiforsushant.”

Meanwhile, veteran Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman has created a forum called #justiceforSushantforum demanding a CBI probe into the death of Sushant, even though the death is being investigated by Mumbai Police.

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