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New Delhi: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday said that the lockdown will not be lifted post 30 June, but additional relaxations will be given. Maharashtra is the most affected Indian state by coronavirus with nearly 1.6 lakh positive cases so far.

While speaking on Facebook Live, Uddhav he appealed to people to not venture outside unless absolutely essential. “While we are giving relaxations doesn’t mean that the Covid-19 crisis is over,” he said.

Uddhav spoke about his administration’s plans on tackling the pandemic and taking care of the healthcare staff at the same time.

“Day after tomorrow we will be observing National Doctors’ Day. They are fighting for us, I offer my gratitude to them. Covid-19 is not over yet, we will tackle this issue together. We should not be restless and go out unnecessarily,” said Uddhav.

He requested doctors above the age of 55-60 yrs to step forward and help the government in treating Covid-19 patients, since their experience matters in these testing times. “The state will take care of their health and enough PPEs will be provided,” the CM said.

“Remdesivir and Favipiravir are now available for the treatment of coronavirus. In the coming days, we may look at the possibility of making it free for our people,” Uddhav further said.

The CM appealed to those who have recovered from coronavirus to voluntarily donate their plasma. “Plasma therapy is proving effective in fighting Covid-19. Since plasm therapy is showing positive results, the government is looking at increasing the number of centres,” said Uddhav.

‘Chase the Virus’ initiative is now applicable across Maharashtra, the CM further said.

“People living in rural areas of Maharashtra are taking the crisis lightly and not following the norms. They are not wearing masks and are following social distancing,” Uddhav said.

The CM’s remarks come at time when Maharashtra on Saturday reported 5,318 new Covid-19 cases taking the total count of cases in the state to 1,59,133.

He said his government is taking decisions to tackle monsoon-related diseases. Necessary steps are being taken to ensure other health conditions do not spread during this season, he said.

He said that despite the coronavirus crisis, Maharashtra government has signed agreements worth 16,000 crore, which will help boost the state’s economy. “I request other investors to consider investing in Maharashtra. Government will look at supporting in every possible manner,” he said.

Mumbai Police on Sunday urged the city residents not to move beyond two-km radius of their homes for the purpose of exercise or visiting shops and salons, in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, a newspaper reported. Movement beyond two km is permitted only for attending office or medical emergencies, a senior police official said, adding that movement outside this radius for shopping is strictly prohibited, the news report said.

Speaking about Janmasthami celebrations this year, Uddhav said: “I thank all the Dahi Handi mandals for taking the decision to cancel the celebrations. They took voluntary decisions and did not ask the government about it. I appreciate their efforts and support.”

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