About two weeks after the DGCA said it had taken cognisance of concerns raised against a ‘particular airline’ in connection to the controversy around AirAsia India pilot Gaurav Taneja, the aviation industry regulator sent a show-cause notice to the carrier’s senior executive.

Sources close to the regulator confirmed to Moneycontrol that the DGCA had sent a notice to Manish Uppal, AirAsia India’s Head of Operations.

“AirAsia India confirms receipt of the notice and we are assisting the regulator in its fact finding process. We will fully cooperate with the regulator,” an AirAsia India spokesperson told Moneycontrol.

In a June 15 statement on Twitter, DGCA said it had “taken note of the concerns raised by some stakeholders against a particular Airline and its approach to safety”.

“DGCA has already started an investigation into the issues flagged and shall take appropriate action based on the outcome of the said investigation,” it said.

A popular vlogger with a sizeable following across social media platforms, Taneja claims that the airline has suspended him for “standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers”.

Taneja alleged earlier that the airline was violating safety protocols, introduced to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, which could endanger the lives of hundreds of AirAsia India passengers.

“Some of the concerns raised by Taneja are relevant. Some may not be,” a senior pilot told Moneycontrol.

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The controversy led to a fierce debate, often toxic, on Twitter, between those who supported the pilot, and those who questioned his methods.

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