During Bangtan Saengpa, V revealed how he wishes to see BTS’ kids in the future which got a hilarious reaction out of the other members, especially RM and J-Hope. Watch the video below.

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V hopes that BTS remain close friends, even twenty years later, when they have sons and daughters.V hopes that BTS remain close friends, even twenty years later, when they have sons and daughters.

FESTA 2020 has finally concluded and to say that it was epic would be a huge understatement! In 13 glorious days, leading up to the seventh anniversary today, i.e. June 13, 2020, BTS provided a safe haven for ARMY with plenty of content to be distracted by in regards to the harsh reality, which is our current lives. From making us laugh out loud with their hilarious karaoke performances in Map of the Song: 7 to making us cry our hearts out with the tear-jerking We Are Bulletproof MV, BTS made sure to keep ARMY very happy.

Moreover, the septet also dropped the annual Bangtan Saegpa video, which saw the Bangtan boys recreate their first birthday celebrations. While answering personal questions about the band members, BTS was quizzed about what they want to do with other members in the future. Jimin started off by humbly saying, “I don’t need anything else, I just want to be with you for a long time as BTS. That’s enough for me,” as Jungkook added, “Jimin told me the same yesterday.”

On the other hand, V cutely shared, “I want to see your kids,” which had members in a state of complete shock. While J-Hope’s mouth literally went a big O as he gasped, covered his mouth and burst out laughing, RM pretended to have a coughing fit. Jin and Suga kept a straight face while Kookie laughed out loud and ChimChim was scandalised. Jin went on to clarify what Taehyung meant by explaining, “To translate what he said, he wants to be with us for at least 20 years.” TaeTae continued, “I don’t mean I want to see your kids right now. I hope we can still be together after 20 years and even bring our sons and daughters. Then we can have dinner together,” while Namjoon piped in, “You mean, you want to maintain this friendship for 20 years.”

“30 years later, I can tell your kids, ‘I had a fight with your dad 50 years ago,” Jin quipped while V concluded, “I really want it to happen 20 years later.” Hobi pondered, “That would be fun.”

Watch BTS’ Bangtan Saengpa, as a part of FESTA 2020 below:

V wanting BTS’ future kids to be as close as the members are now is heartwarming!

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“What do I want do with other members? Let’s go skydiving together,” Jungkook shared for his wish while Jimin added, Now, I really want to give it a try,” with RM agreeing.

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