Exclusive! Saroj Khan’s daughter Sukaina shared, “Salman sir has always stood strong with us as a family”

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Updated: Jul 5, 2020, 11:27 IST


Saroj Khan had once revealed how Salman Khan had extended support to her and promised films. The late choreographer’s daughter Sukaina, recently shared how the actor has always been a pillar of support, “Salman sir and his family, whether Alvira or Alizeh, have always stood strong with us as a family. They always came forward and are there for us.”

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Sharing about the incident when her son had to undergo an emergency surgery, Sukaina reminisced how Salman Khan immediately got in touch with them, after his niece Alizeh informed him. “My son had this heart issue. He had to go through an urgent heart surgery, Salman sir called up mom one day because he heard about it from Alizeh. He told mom, “You tell me I am your son and you don’t tell me what happened”. And after she explained him, he said, “please back down and I will do my best”. He said please don’t worry about anything, just let him go and get it done.”

Alizeh had been training with Saroj Khan for nearly a year. In an interview last year, the late choreographer had told Mumbai Mirror, “I conduct dance classes for all young actresses, including Alizeh. She will become a heroine soon. Alizeh has joined me for a year and has already completed six months.”

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