Sameeksha Sud, a television actor and social media influencer, has done shows such as Baalveer, Doli Armaano Ki, Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi and many more. The actress was quite active on the now-banned Chinese application, Tiktok. She had over 20 million followers on that platform and was amongst the most-popular content creators. When ETimes TV contacted Sameeksha she said she supports the ban as it was the need of the hour. She also spoke about her plans of returning to the small screen and more.

You’ve stayed away from TV for a really long time. Did you deliberately shift focus from TV or it just happened gradually?

It happened gradually. There was no thought behind it. I love television and even today, I love it the most. In fact, I have begged in my interviews that please offer me good work. I have the acting ‘ka keeda’ within me. So, I try to keep satisfying the actor within me by creating videos. The issue with our TV industry is that they typecast you very soon and I have been typecast. It has been two to three years but I’ve been trapped in it. I had played the role of ‘bhabhi’ in Doli Armaano Ki and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi when I was just 21 years old. I did not have much knowledge about what to do and what not and because work kept coming, I took it up. Now, I don’t want to keep repeating my characters.

‘Want to do fresh content on TV’
I want to do something fresh and that is what I am expecting from TV. I don’t have high expectations or dreams that I will work only for Star Plus shows or only if Balaji launches me. I am very simple and I just need good characters, jo karne mein bhi mazza aaye. I want to do new things everyday. I cannot repeat the same thing for 365 days. I have done that in the past and now I can’t do it. It gets quite boring to wear the same makeup, mouth the same dialogues everyday, it gets monotonous.

On resumption of TV shoots

I’ve done quite a few television shows and am also a part of many TV groups on whatsapp. I had shot for ‘Mere Sai’ too and I got to know that somebody contracted the virus and the shoot had to halt. Not just this show, I heard about a few more shows that had to stop their work. I know that it’s important for the daily wage workers and the technicians to start earning and run the house. But, is this risk worth? People are losing lives. Instead, I feel they should be helped financially. We shouldn’t risk anyone’s life because Mumbai is a populated city. We actors travel by our own cars and are safe but what about the spotboys, and other people, how do they travel and where do they come from, because the poor man is always at risk. So, I am not in favour of this. However, people are working and full-fledged work has also started but I am not starting work until I get good news from our government. Until then, I am at home.

Now that you guys were so used to creating videos since the past many years, how are you going to fill that vacuum?

Because we were more famous on that app, people used to know as Tiktokers but we are on every social media platform. In fact, my closed ones would say that do not limit your creativity to this one app only and asked me to come up as a “social media influencer”. The only difference is that first we would post one video in a week on YouTube, and now we post two to three videos in a week’s time. Till a few days ago, we thought that we are all back to square one but it was our fans, who suggested that we increase the number of videos on YouTube. We had put in a lot of hard work. I gave my 3.5 years to that app.

You have millions of followers on social media. Do you feel responsible towards them?

I always feel responsible and keep creating videos on trending topics. For instance, the rate of domestic violence increased during the lockdown. So, I made many videos on it about how we can stop it, how we can raise our voice. I feel more than just being a ‘responsibility,’ it is our ‘duty’. If there are so many people following us then it becomes our duty to gradually influence them to do better things and make them aware.

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