Emami revealed that it had already launched a new product ‘Emami Glow & Handsome’ a week ago and was consulting legal experts on how to handle the matter at hand.

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Emami to take legal action against HUL over Fair & Handsome being changed to Glow & Handsome in rebranding? Emami to take legal action against HUL over Fair & Handsome being changed to Glow & Handsome in rebranding? 

Earlier yesterday, Hindustan Unilever Limited announced that the skincare brand Fair & Lovely would now be called Glow & Lovely, while the men’s range would be changed to Glow & Handsome. 

This news comes after the brand received a lot of backlash during the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. That’s when HUL announced that they would undergo a rebranding of Fair & Lovely that was launched in 1975, as a response to the global backlash they were receiving due to the racial prejudice depicted in advertisements. 

Just after making the announcement, Emami, the maker of Fair & Handsome, a brand of men’s grooming products launched in 2005, lashed out at HUL due to the similarity in the names. Emami, in a strongly-worded statement, said, “Although shocked, we are not surprised to note HUL’s unfair business practice which has been prevalent time and again to damage our brand image.” The brand also revealed that it had trademarked the name and would be consulting legal experts on the same matter. The statement also said that the brand is the market leader in men’s fairness creams “With the legal ownership of the trademark.” 

Emami launched Emami Glow & Handsome a week ago digitally. “Necessary application has already been made to the relevant authorities,” they added. 

In response to the claims made by Emami, HUL said that the brand was fully conscious of its position and rights and would protect it fully in an appropriate manner. 

Both brands decided to make the changes in their names and undergo a rebranding after large companies like Johnson & Johnson and L’Oreal announced that they were taking certain items that promoted fairness off shelves. 

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