NEW DELHI: The Central government has informed the Supreme Court that the
CBSE class 10 and 12 examinations, scheduled to be held from July 1 to 15, have been cancelled.

The Centre has made it clear that the
CBSE class 10 examination will not be conducted, however, they have given an option for CBSE class 12 students. Read on to know more about CBSE class 12 examination.

CBSE Class 12 exam ‘Optional’: All you need to know

Will CBSE conduct class 12 examination from July 1 to 15?

CBSE has cancelled the remaining Board examination which was scheduled for July 1 to 15.

What does it mean by ‘Optional’ for CBSE class 12 students?

The Center on Thursday told SC that the remaining class 12 examination will not be conducted. However, those students who want to appear for the CBSE class 12 exams will be given an option to take exams.

When will the CBSE class 12 exam be conducted for students who want to take it?

The CBSE will conduct the class 12 examination for students who want to take the test when the situation is conducive. Centre has informed SC that it will be the central authority to decide on the conducive environment to conduct CBSE board exams.

If not opting for 12th exams, how will students be evaluated?

The evaluation for students who do not want to appear for the CBSE class 12 examination will be done based on their performance in the last three examinations and will grant them marks according to it.

When will SC release a comprehensive order on this?

The Supreme Court will release a comprehensive order on the cancellation of CBSE exams tomorrow. SC has asked Centre to submit their proposal for cancelling the remaining Board exams for class 10 and giving the option to class 12 students to take the exam.

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