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Published: June 24, 2020 10:00:48 pm

divya khosla kumar t-series sonu nigam Divya Khosla Kumar answers the allegations of Sonu Nigam in a new video. (Photo: Divya Khosla Kumar, Sonu Nigam/Instagram)

After Sonu Nigam’s accusations against Bhushan Kumar and music company T-Series, actor-filmmaker Divya Khosla Kumar, who is the wife of Bhushan, has answered the allegations in a video on Instagram.

Divya uploaded the video with the caption, “The Bitter Truth #SonuNigam”

In the 11-minute video, Divya Khosla Kumar starts by stating the fact that T-Series has given a break to many newcomers and then proceeds to question Sonu Nigam if he has ever promoted any new talent. She says, “You (Sonu) are such a legend. How many people have you given a break to?” And then answers, “No one.” Divya even points out that “97% people working in T-Series are outsiders, not industry kids.”

Next, Divya proceeds to reveal that Sonu used to “sing in Delhi’s Ramleela for Rs 5. It was there that Gulshan Kumar spotted him, recognised his talent and gave him a flight ticket to Mumbai.” She also calls her chef Sheru on camera where he corroborates her story as he has been with the family since 1988.

Divya Khosla Kumar then talks about the time when Gulshan Kumar was assassinated and how Sonu Nigam left T-Series and “joined another music company instead of helping Bhushan Kumar during T-Series’ trying times.” She then questions Sonu as to “why would Bhushan come to you to save himself from Abu Salem? Did Sonu Nigam ji have relations with Abu Salem?” She also demands an investigation into the matter.

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Divya proceeds to answer the #MeToo allegation against Bhushan Kumar. She says that the allegation was fabricated and they decided to not press charges against the woman who allegedly accused Bhushan. Divya questions Sonu, “What is #MeToo Sonu ji? Should I accuse you of #MeToo? Should I say you are a #MeToo rapist? Will you turn into a #MeToo rapist then?”

Divya Khosla Kumar also says in the video that since Sonu Nigam’s video came out, her husband has been receiving “death threats”, she has been receiving “rape threats”, and even her child is being “threatened” on social media.

In conclusion, Divya says that she did not want to make this video but got her inspiration from Bhagavad Gita, and decided to go ahead and stand by the truth. “The war is on,” she declares in the end.

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